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Term 2

"Black Snake" recording - reading with fluency

Due Thursday 3rd June
Choose a piece of work you have completed this year that you are proud of.
Your task is to show this work to an adult family member and have a conversation with them about your work.
There are suggested questions for you to ask your family member.
There are also some questions for you to answer.
We will be sharing the responses in class.

Questions to ask family member:
  • What do you like about this piece of work?
  • What has surprised you?
  • What do you think I could improve on?

Questions for you:
  • Why did you choose to show this piece of work?
  • How did you feel after you had shared it?
  • What did you learn/gain from this experience?

Think about the most effective way to present this conversation and your answers. (verbal, visual, written)
Task on Google Doccs

1. Work through the week 3 section of the Kidzbodz Booklet. ‘Brain Power.’
Due Friday 14/05/10

2. Choose 3 everyday home activities (such as washing clothes) compare the task now to what it was like in the Australian pioneer days. (around the 1850’s to 1900’s) You may need to do some research. Complete a report in a format of your choosing, which will be discussed and shared in class.
Due Thursday 20/05/10

  • Weekly Kidz Bodz work ... this week is Week two (an hour of activity a day)
  • Redesigning our Self Assessment Flow chart
  • Learning something new about one of the programs on your netbook

Term 1

  • Due Tuesday 9th March ... images for photostory
  • Due Friday 12th March ... report on reading connections using a text of your choice
  • Due Tuesday 23rd March ... Who am I - Photo story
  • Due Friday 26th March ... Health Action Project